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As a Wine glass Bottle Bordeaux Factory, share some information with you. Wine is a liquid product that must be containerized during circulation. In the past, it was oak barrels that took on this function, and nowadays it is a variety of bottles.

Wine is an ancient alcoholic beverage and its trade history is very old. Historically, this alcoholic beverage was contained in oak barrels during the circulation process, but nowadays more glass bottles are used to dispense containers. The change of Wine Glass Bottle is accompanied by the development of glass materials and process development. From the early spherical bottles and wide-column bottles to the more easy-to-stack storage of fine-cylinder bottles for hundreds of years. In the 1970s, the European Union required the standard bottle capacity of each member country to be between 650ml and 850ml. As the market continues to review feedback, 750ml bottles are now more common. The following are common wine bottles with slightly different shapes.

1.Bordeaux bottle

Bordeaux bottles are the most common wine bottle type, also known as high shoulder bottles. This bottle has a wide shoulder and is suitable for horizontal placement so that when pouring the wine, the sediment in the aged wine can be prevented from immediately rushing to the mouth of the bottle, and the sediment is more likely to remain in the bottle. Bordeaux bottles are one of the most commonly used bottles, and Bordeaux wines made from grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are generally Bordeaux. Other wines are fuller and suitable for aged wines, such as Rioja, which also uses Bordeaux bottles.

Burgundy Wine Glass Bottles

Burgundy Wine Glass Bottles

2. Burgundy Wine Glass Bottles

The burgundy bottle is also called a slant bottle, the bottle is round and the bottle is thick and strong. Many red wines made with Pinot Noir and white wines made with Chardonnay are used to emulate the wine bottles of the two origins. Other red wines similar in style to Pinot Noir, such as Grenache and Gamay, also use this. The shape of the bottle is bottled.

3. German bottle

The German bottle is also called Hock, the English name for the white wine in the Rhineland region, the fluted bottle, the Alsace bottle and so on. It is said that since the German wines were originally transported by boat, due to the limited space on the ship, the bottle was designed as a slender bottle to save space. German bottles are usually used to hold aromatic white wines and liqueurs that do not require long-term aging and do not contain precipitates. Wines made in other countries or regions, such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer, are often used in this bottle.

4. Champagne bottle

Most sparkling wines are bottled in this shape. The bottle of sparkling wine has a large air pressure, so the champagne bottle must have sufficient thickness and strength to cope with the abnormal pressure inside the bottle. Therefore, the blowing of this bottle is higher than other bottles of the same capacity.