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Why are the Wine Glass Bottles available in various colors?

Oct. 22, 2019

  As a Wine Glass Bottle Manufacturer, let's share some little knowledge about wine. Why do wine bottles have a variety of colors? What does each color stand for? Why are some bottles transparent? This article will answer you.

  The color of the Wine Glass Bottle is light green, colorless and transparent, brown, and some blue. Do so many colors represent different wine styles? Is it to attract consumers' attention or to avoid light storage? There are many stories in the color of this bottle.

Wine Glass Bottle

Wine Glass Bottle

  Why is green the most common color of wine bottles?

  When the wine bottle was just beginning to appear in the 17th and 18th centuries, green was the truest true color of the wine bottle. At that time, due to the limitations of glass manufacturing technology, glass products were all-natural green, and it was impossible to make a colorless and transparent glass bottle. Among the raw materials used for glass production (sand, limestone, etc.), impurities containing iron compounds are more or less contained. At that time, the process could not remove these impurities at all, which was the root cause of the green color of the glass products at that time.

  Why do wine bottles come in a variety of colors, why are white and rosé wines often packed in clear glass bottles?

  The clear glass bottle gives a fresh, translucent feel that reveals the most attractive colors of the wine in front of the consumer, so wines that need a refreshing feel, such as white and rosé, are often transparent. Glass bottles to fill. Transparent glass bottles are a sign of advances in modern production technology, but in general, such glass bottles will only be used for wines that are consumed within one to two years after bottling, otherwise, the wine will easily be oxidized. Wines that take a long time to age will be packed in tinted glass bottles. However, wines in colored glass bottles are not necessarily suitable for aging.

  Why do wine bottles come in a variety of colors?

  What is the role of colored wine bottles?

  Under the glare, wine is prone to deterioration, because the ultraviolet light in the light can penetrate the glass and accelerate the oxidation of the wine. Therefore, in order to better reduce the impact of ultraviolet light on wine, wineries often choose dark bottles. For example, wines in the Moselle region often use green Hawker bottles, while wines in the Rhine region are often brown. Gram bottle. This may be one of the reasons why green wine bottles have been used until now.

  Are colored wine bottles afraid of the light?

  Although the colored wine bottle can play a role in protecting the wine to a certain extent, it is necessary to pay attention to avoiding the light during the process of storing the wine. When shopping in supermarkets or liquor stores, you should also try to avoid those wines that are exposed to strong light, because such wines are prone to oxidation.

  The color of the wine bottle is a historical symbol

  The color of wine bottles, in fact, in some producing areas, especially those with a long history of planting, is a tradition of inheritance, such as the Burgundy production area mostly using Clear Burgundy Wine Bottle, while the German Rhine River uses a brown wine bottle. So, it's not surprising to see some white wines in green or brown bottles.

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