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Wine Bottle Instructions

Jul. 24, 2019

In the process of wine tasting, we often identify the wine's origin, age, grape variety, and flavor by observing the color of the wine, tasting the flavor of the wine, and understanding the wine aftertaste. However, in fact, the wine bottle also gives us some clues to judge the wine. Therefore, knowing the wine bottle is also very helpful for our wine tasting. The Wine Glass Bottle Bordeaux Factory will take you through the little secrets of the wine bottles.

Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle

Bordeaux bottle straight shoulders. Different colors of wine bottles are filled with different types of wine: dry red is contained in dark green wine bottles, dry white is contained in light green wine bottles, and sweet white is contained in white wine bottles. This bottle is also often used by New World wine merchants to serve Bordeaux-style wines. Italian wines such as Chianti are also served in Bordeaux bottles.

Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle

Burgundy Wine Glass Bottles

The burgundy bottle has a slanted shoulder. The bottle is round and the bottle is thick and strong. The bottle is slightly larger than the average bottle. It is usually used to hold some mellow and rich wines. Whether it is used to hold red or white wine, the bottle is green in color. Usually, the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines of the New World countries are dressed in Burgundy bottles; Barolo and Barbaresco in Italy are more concentrated. Most of the wines are also used in Burgundy bottles, and wines from the Loire Valley and Languedoc are also commonly used in Burgundy bottles.

Burgundy Wine Glass Bottles

Rhone bottle

The Rhone bottle is similar to the Burgundy bottle, but its circumference is slightly different. In general, the Rhone bottle is not as big as the Burgundian bottle. In addition, some Rhone bottles will have shield badges on their necks, especially the Chateauneuf du Pape. Shiraz, a New World country, often uses this bottle to hold it.

Champagne Glass Bottle

The champagne bottle is a beautiful flute type. The bottle is specially designed according to the characteristics and style of the champagne. The bottle wall is thick, the shoulder sags, and the bottom of the bottle is recessed to withstand a high pressure of 80-90 Pa. In addition, the stopper is a seven-layer closed design that seals the bottle once it is inserted into the bottleneck. Whether it is the "new world" or the "old world" sparkling wines are used in this bottle.

Champagne Glass Bottle

Hock Glass Bottle (including Rhine bottles, Alsace bottles or Moselle bottles)

There are two types of Hock bottles, one is the Alsace bottle or the Moselle bottle in the green bottle, and the other is the Rhine bottle in the brown bottle. Alsace or Moselle bottles are tall and thin, and the wines are available in a variety of styles, from dry to semi-dry to sweet. Therefore, you can only know the mystery in the bottle by looking at the wine label. The Rhine bottle is similar in shape to the Alsace bottle and is mainly used for wines from the Rhine region.

Hock Glass Bottle

Reinforced wine bottle

Most of the enhanced wines such as Port, Madeira, and Sherry use thicker and stronger bottles. The vintage port wine bottle has a large bulge at the mouth of the bottle, which is convenient for sedimentation of the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This bottle is usually sealed with a cork stopper, which is especially suitable as a bottle for strengthening the wine when you are young.

In addition, the size of the bottle will also affect the quality of the wine. Compared to wines in small bottles, wines in large bottles have a longer-lasting taste, as large bottles slow down the aging of the wine. However, this is also one of the shortcomings of large bottled wines, because the liquor is too slow to mature, so it is necessary to wait patiently for its ripeness, and it is necessary to "all the music" and not "single music." Several common bottle sizes are: small bottle (Piccolo/Split, 187.5ml), half bottle (Demi/Half, 375ml), standard (Standard, 750ml), large bottle (Magnum, 1.5L), extra-large bottle (Double Magnum, 3.0L), Super Pack (Jeroboam, 4.5L), Extreme Pack (Imperial, 6.0L), etc.

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