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What Cup is Best When Drinking Whiskey?

Jul. 13, 2019

When drinking iced whiskey, it is best to use a low-ball cup, which is mostly used to hold hard alcohol with ice, especially whiskey. Also used for cocktails. Many people feel that stable and powerful low-ball has a manly spirit, and because of this, it is usually used to hold spirits with ice.

One type of cup that is currently very popular for drinking Scotch is a straight-bottomed flat glass. This cup can also be subdivided into a variety of different cup types, because the size of the opening, the degree of retraction of the cup, etc. will affect the consumption of Scotch whiskey. For example, the whiskey in the low-end real estate area is softer and more delicate, and the aroma is lighter. It is suitable for the wine glass with a moderate opening and a restrained cup, which can highlight the aroma of the whiskey. For the whiskey from the Elai region, the peat smell is very It's strong and strong enough to be pungent for some people who are new to whiskey, so you need to choose a glass with a large opening and a cup outside, so that the whiskey doesn't look too awkward.

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