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What is the Secret Behind the Color of Wine?

Aug. 02, 2019

When tasting wine, the first step we have to do is to “seek and see”. The reason for paying attention to the color of the wine is not only because it is a measure of the appearance of the wine, but also because it hides many mysteries about the brewing process, quality, and style. Next, Wine Glass Bottle Bordeaux Factory will come to analyze with you.

1. Where does the color of the wine come from?

The color of the wine comes from the grape skin. The contact of the grape juice with the grape skin during the brewing process and the strength of the contact are the main reasons for the color difference of the wine. The red wine is made from red grapes. From impregnation to fermentation, the grape juice is always in contact with the peel and can fully extract the pigmenting material. In addition, during the fermentation process, the staff will increase the extraction force by means of Pump Over, Punch Down and Rack and Return.

The brewing of white wines is quite special. It can be made from white grapes or red grapes. However, in the production of white wine, impregnation is a dispensable process, and the grapes must be pressed before fermentation to separate the grape juice from the solid matter such as grape seeds and grape skin containing pigment. Not only that, but the pressed juice is usually clarified before it can enter the fermentation process. Since the contact time between the grape juice and the peel is extremely short, the wine will only show a light color such as lemon yellow and golden yellow, regardless of whether the raw material is white or red.

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Second, what can the color of wine tell us?

Observing the color of the wine is an indispensable step in the systematic wine tasting method. By observing the color, the drinker can initially determine whether the wine is defective. Most of the defective wines are dark and dark, and at least they have a hint of brown. It should be noted that some wines that are in good condition but have been aged for a while will also appear brown, especially those that have been aged for a long time in oak barrels. Secondly, the color of the wine can roughly reflect the length of the wine. As the age of the wine grows, the color of the red wine will gradually become lighter. From the initial purple color to the ruby red to the pomegranate red, the color of the white wine will become deeper and deeper, from lemon yellow to golden yellow, and finally, become amber.

Moreover, the deeper the color of the wine, the more the body is fuller and thicker. In the case of white wine, we can also know from the depth of the color of the wine whether it is aged in oak barrels. For example, light yellow Chardonnay wines are generally not aged in oak barrels, while golden Chardonnay is mostly aged in oak barrels. In addition, the unfiltered wine color before bottling will be less transparent.

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