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Origin Of Wine Bottles

May. 15, 2019

Many people may be curious as to why most wines are made in glass bottles, and iron or plastic bottles are rarely used? As a Wine Glass Bottle Bordeaux Factory, let us introduce it to you.

The wine first appeared in 6000 BC, when neither the glass process nor the iron making process was developed, let alone plastic. Most of the wines at the time were mainly contained in ceramic jars. Around 3000 BC, glass products began to appear. At this time, some high-end wine glasses began to be made of glass. Compared to the original porcelain wine glass, the glass wine glass can give the wine a better taste. But the bottles are still stored in ceramic jars. Because the glass was not produced at the high level, the glass bottles were very fragile and it was not convenient for the transportation and storage of the wine. In the 17th century, an important invention emerged—the coal-burning furnace, which greatly increased the temperature at which the glass was made, enabling people to make thicker glass, plus the oak plugs and glass that appeared at the time. The bottle successfully replaced the previous ceramic can. Today, glass bottles are still not replaced by iron cans or plastic bottles. One is due to historical traditions; the other is because glass bottles are excellent in stability and do not affect the quality of the wine; three are glass bottles and oak. The perfect blend of stoppers provides the wine with the ageing charm of the bottle.

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