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Is the Vintage Year Important?

Aug. 24, 2019

The vintage year is one of the most popular wine topics, just as people often put "82 years of Lafite" on their lips. Some good vintage wines are hard to find. Is the wine vintage really important? As a Burgundy Wine Glass Bottles Supplier, let's talk about it.

In fact, the concept of the year is perhaps the most misinterpreted concept of wine. The year is related to the climate during the grape growing process. However, in vineyard management, the microclimate of different vineyards in the same small producing area is very different. As an ordinary consumer, there is no need to delve into the microclimate differences of vineyards in different years.

Secondly, the concept of the year is more used in the producing areas of the marginal climate of growing grapes, such as Bordeaux, France. For areas with more hot climates and more sunny sunshine, such as Spain and California, the factors of the year are less prominent. In addition, the weather conditions vary from region to region in the same year, and 2010 is a good year for Bordeaux, but for the rest of the world wines, it may not mean anything.

Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle

Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle

The vintage affects the growth of the grapes, however, many complex aspects are involved in the winemaking process. Modern winemaking techniques have minimized the year difference between the same wines of the same winery.

The 1982 vintage is considered to be the “century of the century” and is highly sought after by many wine collectors. However, in some years when the weather conditions are not very good, there may be surprises, depending on the winery's brewing process and different terroir conditions.

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