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How to Taste Wine?

Jul. 03, 2019

Wine appreciation, you do not need to have the professional level of a world-class sommelier, as long as you are curious, a bottle of good wine, a group of like-minded drinkers, the art of wine, you can appreciate it. As a Wine Glass Bottle Supplier, we share with you the method of tasting wine.

Four elements of wine tasting: color, aroma, flavor, and aftertaste

Element 1: Color - Observe the color of the wine should choose a white background.

Element 2: Aroma - shake the cup to make the wine fully contact with oxygen to facilitate the emission of aroma; observe the phenomenon of "hanging cup" and judge the alcohol content and residual sugar content of the wine.

Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle

Element 3: Flavor - a small mouth to taste, so that the wine fills the mouth; inhale the breath, let the flavor in the wine as much as possible; when drinking the wine, exhale through the nose to feel more flavor.

Element 4: Aftertaste - refers to the remaining taste in the mouth after drinking the wine. The length of the aftertaste in the mouth is a major factor in determining the quality of a wine. Generally speaking, the longer the aftertaste, the better the quality of the wine.

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