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How to Save the Wine After Opening it?

Jul. 09, 2019

After storing the bottled wine, in addition to the conventional requirements of avoiding light and avoiding shocks and avoiding high temperatures, it should also be as isolated or as possible to reduce the contact between the wine and oxygen. As a Wine Glass Bottle Supplier, we have the following several practical methods.

1. Reseal and refrigerate

Refill the stopper into the bottle, then place the wine upright in the refrigerator to reduce the contact area between the wine and the air and slow down the oxidation rate. If the stopper cannot be re-plugged, you can also use plastic wrap to seal the bottle.

2. Big bottle for vial

If you have a small-capacity (such as 375ml) bottle in your home, you can clean it first. After the bottle is air-dried, pour the un-wine wine into it. This will also reduce the contact area between the wine and the air. It is important to note that do not use detergent or detergent to clean the bottle to avoid contamination of the wine.

Burgundy Wine Glass Bottles

3. Use a vacuum pump or a fresh bottle stopper

The vacuum pump draws out the oxygen from the bottle and reduces the contact between the wine and the air. The fresh-keeping stopper is a special stopper that can be insulated from the air and can be reused. Both tools can be purchased at a supermarket or wine store. (Tips: Vacuum pumps are not suitable for sparkling wine because it causes bubbles to disappear.)

4. Inject inert gas

Conditional drinkers can also use professional tools to inject inert gases such as nitrogen into the bottle. An inert gas covering the surface of the wine can be isolated from oxygen to prevent oxidation.

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