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Do You Know How To Open A Wine Bottle?

Jun. 14, 2019

Are you confused: how to open different types of wine bottles, what is the table manner of wine, why are there so many kinds of bottle openers... The following Wine glass Bottle Bordeaux Factory will introduce how to open and elegantly and easily Handle the broken cork.

First, different packaging methods use different bottle openers

1. Cork stopper

The cork of most finished wines uses pure natural cork, composite cork or synthetic cork. As for bottle seals, metal or plastic materials are more common.

For cork stoppers, our opening procedure is as follows:

First, wipe the bottle clean, then use the knife on the bottle opener to gently circle the leak-proof ring (the circled part of the bottle mouth) and cut off the bottle seal.

Wipe the bottle mouth with a dry cloth or paper towel, and then insert the screw drill tip of the bottle opener vertically into the center of the cork (if the plug is inserted, the cork is easily removed), and then slowly follow the clockwise direction. Slowly rotate the bottle opener into the cork by hand.

Hold the end of the bottle with the bracket at one end, then pull up the other end of the bottle opener and pull the cork securely and gently upwards.

I felt that the cork stopped when I was about to be pulled out. I held the cork by hand and then gently rocked or turned it. The gentleman put out the cork.

Wine Glass Bottle

2. Screw cap and fresh cover

The use of screw caps has now evolved into a new trend. When opening the screw cap, fix the bottle with one hand and twist the cap with the other hand until the cap is opened.

3. Sparkling wine packaging

Champagne and sparkling wines use different types of corks, no need for an additional bottle opener, just pay attention to safety when opening the wine, because the bottle contains a certain amount of air pressure, the cork is easy to "fly" out. In addition, after taking the sparkling wine home, do not open the wine immediately, first freeze it and then drink it to prevent the foam from overflowing.

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