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Why Is There a Groove Under the Wine Bottle?

Jul. 15, 2019

The groove under the bottle, also known as "Punt", is termed "bottom". This groove now seems to increase the convenience of serving wine, but many previous studies have found that the invention was originally intended to facilitate the preservation of wine. From the long history of wine, there are still many speculations and imaginations about this groove. Here is the Wine Glass Bottle Supplier to explain to you.

One saying is that when the bottle is still handmade, the tool used by the master who blows the glass will leave a small scar under the bottle. If the bottom of the bottle is made flat, then this small scar will make The bottle could not be placed smoothly on the table, so the master who blows the glass invented the "groove" for the bottle.

Another argument is also very reasonable because, with this groove, the bottle is more structural. Grooved bottles do not resonate with other bottles during transport. This design is critical when it is safe to transport wine to the rest of the world.

Wine Glass Bottle Supplier

There are other sayings that this groove makes the structure of the bottle stronger so that it can withstand more pressure when loading champagne. Because sparkling wine is more stressful on the bottle, the quality of the glass used in the early manufacture of champagne is poor, so working in the wine cellar is very dangerous. Champagne bottles often burst into flames, causing serious or even fatal injuries to the brewers, so church monks even wear metal armor or lock at work to avoid casualties. Later, I found that there is a groove under the bottle, which can effectively reduce the chance of a gas explosion.

Of course, there are other theories. For example, some people say that the reason why winemakers use fluted bottles to load wine is to reduce the amount of wine bottled. This seems to be plausible, but in fact, it is French. The main old and new wine producing countries have strict legal regulations, no matter what type of bottle is used, the liquor must be filled with 750 ml.

Therefore, why the grooved bottle was invented at the beginning, for the current wine lovers, such a design can really add a lot of quality. When cleaning the bottle, the hot water can be dispersed by the groove for better cleaning; because the glass is easy to slip, with the bottom groove, you can have a place to hold when pouring the wine. The groove also allows the sediment in the wine to be scattered around the bottom groove, so that the alcoholic drinker does not taste impurities in the wine glass.

No matter what the reason for the original groove was created, and now this groove seems to be infinitely useful, let us enjoy it together!

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