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Cork is Broken, How to Open the Bottle?

Jun. 26, 2019

Many wines are sealed with cork stoppers. When you open this wine, you need to pay great attention. Otherwise, you may accidentally break the cork, and you can't open the bottle. You can only "look at the wine." Today 750ml Flint Wine Bottle Factory introduces three ways to continue to open the bottle when the cork is damaged. These methods are very simple, just learn.

Method 1: Use long screws

1) Find a long wood screw or metal screw.

2) Press the screw into the cork of the bottle with your thumb. Don't pay too much attention, then turn the screw to let it penetrate into the cork.

3) After the screw has fallen into the cork for more than a quarter of an inch, pull the screw together with the cork.

Wine Glass Bottle

Wine Glass Bottle

Method 2: Use a sharp knife

1) Find a sharp knife with a long blade and insert it into the cork to a depth of about an inch.

2) Rotate the sharp knife to pull out the cork.

Method three:

If neither of the above methods can remove the broken cork from the bottle, then the last method can only be used. This method can be called “deadly and then born”. Instead of trying to get the cork out of it, it is better to use a screw to break it. This will cause the chopped pieces to be mixed into the wine, so you need to filter the wine before drinking. When filtering, coffee filter paper can be used.

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