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Choose wine: the right one is the best

Oct. 31, 2019

  As a Professional Glass Bottle Manufacturer, there is some information to share with you. The most outstanding feature of top wines is their excellent balance, but it is not suitable for all people in terms of style and taste. Choosing wine is the best for you.

  Many wine lovers may have unlimited worship of the world's top wines, especially those who can change a house with a bottle. At the same time, many people think that the top wines are as delicious as the seafood. We mentioned the top wines in Balance: The Golden Mean of Wine. One of the most striking features is its perfect balance, which is the balance between the various elements in the wine, mainly referring to the various aromas of the wine. The balance between flavor, flavor, aroma, and flavor, including the balance between acidity, sweetness, tannin and alcohol content of the wine, is perfect with a 750ml Cork Top Wine Glass Bottle.

Wine Glass Bottle

750ml Cork Top Wine Glass Bottle

  For the most Chinese-speaking Chateau Lafite Rothschild, let's first take a look at Wine Spectator's evaluation of the 2010 Lafite Castle red wine: this wine is very beautiful and elegant, with a round and fragrant taste. The taste of black tea, gooseberry, and crushed figs, accompanied by subtle smoky, incense and tar flavors; just when you think these flavors have faded, the sourness in the aftertaste activates all the flavors, scoring It is 96-99. Needless to say, this is a top wine, but its style may not be right for you.

  Robert Parker, a man in the wine world, thinks that he prefers “heavy taste” wines that are full of fruity, thick oak, high in alcohol and full-bodied. In particular, many people have suggested that Parker’s key tastings of Bordeaux and California wines have been “parked”. Although Parker does not necessarily agree with this, Parker's taste does have a lot of influence on the wine industry. The wine styles of Bordeaux's five famous villages are similar to those of Parker's favor. The 2010 vintage we mentioned above The Philippine red wine is one of the representatives of this “heavy taste”.

  The fruity, oaky, high-alcoholic and full-bodied wines are just a style in the wine world. The style of the wine is varied, the wine is light and heavy, and the fruit is light and rich. The taste is sour and sweet, and everything is available.

  When I first came into contact with the wine, the impression of dry red wine was dry, sour and bitter, which is probably common among most Chinese. There is no acidophilic taste in Chinese food culture. Even if there is acid in the dishes, most of them appear in the form of sweet and sour, hot and sour. No matter where they are, the taste of "sweet" is always soft. Wonderful. Therefore, most Chinese people may prefer sweet wines with sweet taste compared to dry wines. Our company also has Liquor Flint Glass Bottle on sale, welcome to come to consult.

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