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Characteristics Of Wine Bottles 2

May. 31, 2019

As a Wine Glass Bottle Bordeaux Factory, we continue to share the characteristics of the red wine bottle.

Secondly, the capacity of the bottle is composed of many factors. One of the reasons for this is still to start from the 17th century when the bottle was made by hand and relied on the Glass-blower. Affected by the blower's lung capacity, the size of the wine bottle was between 600-800 ml. The second reason was the birth of a standard-sized oak barrel: the small oak barrels that were shipped at that time were established at 225 liters, so the EU set the capacity of the wine bottles to 750 ml in the 20th century, so that a small oak barrel could be Filled with 300 bottles of wine, can hold 24 boxes. Another reason is that some people think that 750 ml can pour 15 cups of 50 ml of wine, which is suitable for a family.

750ml Clear Burgundy Wine Bottles

Although most wine bottles are 750 ml, wine bottles of various capacities have now appeared.

Finally, there is a groove on the bottom of the bottle. This feature is often mythical. The deeper the groove, the higher the quality of the wine. In fact, the depth of the groove at the bottom is not necessarily related to the quality of the wine. Some bottles are designed with grooves to allow the sediment to collect around the bottle and to remove it when handling. With the advancement of modern winemaking techniques, wine slag can be directly filtered out during the brewing process, so no grooves are needed to remove the precipitate. In addition to this, the bottom has a groove to facilitate the storage of the wine. If the center of the bottom of the wine bottle is raised, the bottle is difficult to stabilize. However, with the improvement of the modern bottle making process, this problem has also been solved, so the groove at the bottom of the bottle is not necessarily related to the quality. Many wineries still keep the grooves in the bottom more to keep the tradition.

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