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Characteristics Of Wine Bottles 1

May. 22, 2019

For the characteristics of the wine bottle, most wine lovers can say: the red wine bottle is green, the white wine bottle is transparent, the capacity is 750 ml, and the bottom has a groove. As a Wine Glass Bottle Bordeaux Factory, we will give you a detailed introduction to the characteristics of the wine bottle.

First look at the color of the bottle. As early as the 17th century, the color of the wine bottle was green, which was limited by the bottle making process at that time. The bottle was made with many impurities, so the bottle appeared green. Later, it was discovered that the dark green bottle helps protect the wine in the bottle from the light and contributes to the ageing of the wine, so most wine bottles are made dark green. For white wines and rosé wines, they are usually placed in transparent wine bottles. It is hoped that the color of white wine and rosé wine will be presented to consumers, which can give people a more fresh feeling.

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Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle

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