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Bottles of Different Sizes

Sep. 25, 2019

In the market, wine bottles may vary in height, weight, and weight, but most of them are 750ml. This is determined by historical reasons. As a Wine Glass Bottle Factory, let's share it with you.

In the 17th century, the United Kingdom was the largest importer of Bordeaux wines, but the units of measurement used in Britain and France were different. Bordeaux used Litre and the United Kingdom used Gallon (1 gallon, 4.546 liters). For the convenience of calculation, the capacity of the small oak barrels of Bordeaux - 50 gallons (225 liters) is used as a unified transport unit. At the same time, because the bottle making technology at that time was not mature enough, the capacity of the glass bottle depends on the capacity that the blowing worker can blow in one breath, usually between 650-850 ml. Later, when people could precisely control the capacity of the glass bottle, they chose 750ml which is similar to the previous capacity and can divide the 50-gallon wine into 300 bottles as the standard specification. Such as 750ml Glass Burgundy Wine Bottle.

750ml Glass Burgundy Wine Bottle

750ml Glass Burgundy Wine Bottle

In addition to the standard capacity of 750ml, the bottle also has dozens of specifications from Piccolo/Split (187.5ml) to Melchizedek (30L), which are basically multiples or factors of 750ml. Among them, Piccolo bottles, half bottles (Demi/Half, 375ml) and Magnum bottles (1.5L) are more common.

In general, the larger the capacity of the bottle, the smaller the contact area between the unit liquor and oxygen, and the better the quality of the wine. Currently, many wineries produce large bottles of wine. However, due to factors such as difficulty in transportation, in addition to Magnum bottles, other larger-capacity wines are rare and are often used for collection. In addition, the Piccolo bottle and the half-bottle wine are more and more popular among wine lovers because of their advantages of being suitable for single drinking, not easy to waste, beautiful and portable, and lower in price.

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