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9 Secrets About Wine

Jun. 22, 2019

There are many unexpected things in the world of wine. As a Wine Glass Bottle Bordeaux Factory, we will "quietly" tell you 9 secrets about wine, don't be too surprised!

1. Cleopatra's favorite wine is Muscat of Alexandria, an abundance of sweet wines from Greece.

2. One of the most coveted wines 300 years ago was Tokaji Aszu. This wine is very rich and sweet like syrup.

3. John F. Kennedy (or his wife?) drinks Bordeaux white wine at the White House.

4. Grape varieties - Vitis Vinifera originates from the ancient Caucasus region, which is located near Georgia and Iran.

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5. The size of the wine grapes is one-half the size of the average grape, but it has more sugar than the average grape.

6. A bottle of wine is enough to make 2-3 people really happy, and it will make a person drunk.

7. A 1.65 lb (0.75 kg) grape is required to make a bottle of wine.

8. Italy produces the most wine, but Spain has the most vineyards.

9. Portugal has more grape varieties than all grape varieties in the United States.

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