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5 Basic Guidelines for Storing Wine

Aug. 08, 2019

Wine seems to be much more expensive than other alcoholic drinks. In order to make it show the best, we should consider the drinking period and the temperature of the serving wine, choose the right wine glass, and sometimes even hang up. However, if the wine in the bottle is long gone due to storage errors, all this is just a futile effort. How to avoid this dilemma? The following five basic guidelines from the Wine Glass Bottle Bordeaux Factory will help you.

1. Keep a cool and constant temperature

The best storage temperature for wine is 10-15 ° C. If the temperature is too high, the wine will accelerate aging and it will not develop a richer and more delicate flavor. When the ambient temperature is too low, the wine will mature at a slower rate and the aroma will become relatively closed.

When storing wine for a long time, in addition to ensuring the proper temperature, ensure that the temperature is constant. Under frequent and sharp temperature changes, the cork is prone to thermal expansion and contraction, causing excess oxygen to enter the interior of the bottle from the gap of the Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle, thereby destroying the wine. Therefore, wine is not suitable for storage in places such as kitchens and lofts where the temperature changes greatly or there is often direct light.

2. Maintain a suitable and stable humidity

The optimum ambient humidity for wine storage should be maintained at around 70%. Humidity is too high, cork and wine labels are prone to rotten and moldy; too low humidity will cause the cork to dry out and lose its elasticity, unable to seal the mouth of the Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle and accelerate the oxidation process of the wine. It should be emphasized that the refrigerator will reduce the humidity of its internal environment during the cooling process, so it is not suitable for long-term storage of wine.

Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle

Bordeaux Wine Glass Bottle

3. Avoid strong light exposure

Whether it is natural light or artificial light, any source of ultraviolet light will accelerate the aging of the wine, and artificial light may also give rise to an unpleasant odor. After a long period of exposure to light, the skeleton of the wine will gradually loosen, and the aroma and flavor will become increasingly faint. For delicate and elegant Champagne and lighter white wines, the lethality of light is even more deadly. This is why most China Wine Glass Bottles are served in dark bottles. Wines in colorless glass bottles are most sensitive to light and should be stored in particular to protect them from light.

4. Avoid vibration and shaking

Frequent shaking or vibration will accelerate the reaction of various chemicals in the wine, thereby destroying the wine quality, and will also aggravate the sediment in the aged wine, making the taste rough. Therefore, in our daily lives, we should try our best to keep the wine away from washing machines, speakers and other similar "dynamic" areas.

5. Place the bottle horizontally

The purpose of placing the 750ml Flint Wine Bottle horizontally is to ensure that the cork is exposed to the wine to prevent it from drying out and allowing oxygen to be taken. If you are using a screw cap to seal the bottle, you don't need to pay attention to whether it is placed horizontally. When storing champagne or other sparkling wines that are sealed with cork stoppers, they do not have to be placed horizontally. On the one hand, the pressure inside the bottle of sparkling wine such as champagne can make the cork maintain sufficient humidity. On the other hand, when the sparkling wine is stored upright, carbon dioxide gas which is heavier than oxygen will stay on the surface of the wine, which can effectively isolate the contact of oxygen with the liquor.

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